Denis Sarazhin

 Denis Sarazhin - Early Spring Denis Sarazhin - Sunny Roofs
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Early Spring
 Denis Sarazhin - Early Spring

15″ x 19 ¾″ oil on board

Sunny Roofs
 Denis Sarazhin - Sunny Roofs

19 5/8″ x 31 ½″ oil on canvas



Denis Sarazhin is a rare artist whose paintings seem to truly excite a broad range of collectors. Wether the painting is one of his stylized landscapes, still lifes or unusual figurative works, they speak to people. His compositions are strongly designed, his brushwork ample, and his color palette intensely unique. While his style is largely his own, each new painting seems to offer something new even to his most ardent supporters. 

Sarazhin graduated from the Kharkov State Academy of Art and Design with the highest possible honors--the 1st Degree Diploma Award for Excellence in Painting given by the Ukrainian Art Academy. This prestigious national award is only given to an elite group of graduating students from all the nation’s top artistic institutions.

He participated in "Spring Colors" Exhibition at the Scottsdale Exhibition Gallery in January of 2012.

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